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Poisoned or Toxic tampons are everywhere!

A powerful reason for choosing Lady Organics

Organic Tampons and/or Organic Pads.


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For many women today this is shocking news and an alternative does not appear to be readily available, until now, that is!

Lady Organics has imported the worlds most organic feminine hygiene products for your better health.

If only all women knew of the poisons as found listed in the right hand column and their harmful effects on them directly as they insert and contaminate their blood stream, every month for 5 - 7 days. Not only this, but women who are currently diagnosed with serious diseases are unaware that their already compromised immune system is being further attacked by these toxins.

Even more scary is the effect on embryos.

This is not something to keep secret, we women need to stand together in the fight against these unscrupulous, harmful products.

Toxins found in cheap Tampons and Pads:

  • Dioxin (Human Carcinogen) - Click Here for more Info
  • Formaldehyde (Cancer Causing) - Click Here for more Info
  • Chlorine  (Harmful to Vaginal Health) - Click Here for more Info
  • Pesticides (Cancer Causing) - Click Here for more Info
  • Dicamba (Cancer Causing Toxin) - Click Here for more Info
  • Glyphosate  (Cancer causing Toxin) - Click Here for more Info
  • Trihalomethane (Abnormal Reproductive Growth) - Click Here for more Info
  • BPA (Bisphenol A) (Birth Defects) - Click Here for more Info
  • BPS (Bisphenol S) (Birth Defects) - Click Here for more Info
  • Phthalates (Birth Problems) - Click Here for more Info
  • DEHP  (Cause of Organ Failure) - Click Here for more Info
  • Fragrances (Risk of Infection) - Click Here for more Info

To discover just how toxic modern tampons are please visit our sister website page at www.ladyorganics.co.za/dangers.html where you will find videos and articles that explain all the details.

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