Lady Organics offers 100% Organic alternative options to the synthetic toxic Feminine Hygiene Products available. Our Organic Tampons, Organic Pantyliner's and Organic Pads or Organic Sanitary Pads are the only smart health conscious choice for the women of South Africa.

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Pro's of Organic Feminine Hygiene Products

The average woman uses approximately 11,400 tampons in her lifetime.

(Imagine being poisoned over 11000 times in your lifetime?)

A powerful reason to change to ORGANIC, Lady Organics!

Organic cotton tampons are biodegradable unlike most synthetic tampons found in stores.

No Glyphosate or Dicamba (a cancer causing toxin found in most Pesticides)

No Dioxin (A Human Carcinogen)

No Chlorine (Cancer causing toxins from a bleaching process)

No Rayon (a heavily bleached wood fiber)

Because it is made of Organic Cotton it's softer on your delicate parts

Not SUPER absorbent (which is the main cause of TSS)

No Fragrances = No infections or Irritations

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